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Twelve Energy Healing Sessions

The Twelve Session Energy Healing Series is for you if you are dedicated to your self growth and want to rewire your consciousness and step in to your truth. Three months (90 days!) of being in Joslyn’s amazing healing energy field and empowering you to live your dream life. For 12 weeks, you and Joslyn will work together at the same time each week for 60 minutes to journey through your consciousness and let go of the root of the issue. You will also benefit from being in the healing energy as the weeks progress; three months of diving deep and removing layer upon layer of emotions and beliefs to liberation. This is our most transformative and comprehensive program - you'll know you and be empowered on a whole new level. There's nothing else like it.  

Please ensure you are alone in a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be interrupted for your session, so you can focus on it 100% and get the most benefit. Do not drive, eat, use the restroom, play with pets, or do anything else while on the call. This will decrease the effectiveness of your session and Joslyn can feel if you are distracted, which makes reading your energy more difficult.

Your energy will start to shift and heal when you pay; thusenergy healing session series are nonrefundable.  Please contact us to ask any questions about Joslyn's work before you schedule your session. You are welcome to book a complementary 15 minute discovery call (audio-only Skype for clients outside the US) with Joslyn to discuss how you may work together. Please note that this is not a mini healing session or intuitive reading. Rather, it is for you to get to know more about Joslyn and her work personally. Your session time is reserved specifically for you; please provide notice of two business days if you need to reschedule.

Contact us to schedule your Twelve Session Energy Healing Series now. 

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