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Manifestation Steps

1. Decide what you want. Maybe, for example, it's a new car.

2. Clearly visualize every detail. Cut out pictures and make a vision board if that helps you see it. Write down a detailed description. So for your car, what make, model, and year? What color and features? Decide everything. Go into detail so your mind can focus on exactly what you want and bring it into your physical reality. If you don't include enough detail, you'll have trouble manifesting a car you love. Turn it into a mantra. The mantra should start with “I am.” Using the car example, you could say, “I am the owner of a……” and fill in the all details you wrote down and visualized.

3. Look at your vision board and written description every day. Looking at them several times per day is even better! Put them on your vanity mirror or fridge so you see them often. This keeps your mind focused on creating what you want.  Recite your mantra whenever you remember (in the grocery store check-out line, while showering and cleaning, etc.).

4. Take action! In other words, participate in your life. Be an active part of it. It's your life. This is an important step, and one people often miss. Now that you know exactly what kind of car you want, look for it. Go online, visit local dealerships, ask friends. Taking action opens up avenues for your car to come to you. Don't sit in your house and expect your car to appear in your driveway - that is not participating in or living your life. :-) Taking action allows your energy of creation to flow and brings what you want to you - your new, perfect car, in this example.

The goal here is to focus the subconscious mind on what you want so it can bring what you want to you. Try it for something you want - better health, new job, improved finances, improved relationships, new house, new clothes, new furniture, new hobby - anything! Let me know how you do.

Any past traumatic memories, old emotions, or limiting beliefs (like the mind saying, "I don't deserve this..." or other nonsense) that come up during this process must be healed for you to create what you want. Contact us to schedule your energy healing session package and let's get you living your dream life.

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