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Intuitive Reading Introduction

How Intuitive Readings Work

Intuitive readings, often also called clairvoyant or psychic readings, are the use of senses beyond the physical five (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch) to access information. Intuitively sensed information may come as visions or symbols (clairvoyance), sensations in the body, emotions, hearing non-physical sounds (clairaudience), and/or an inner knowing (clairsentinence).

You are in change of creating your life (see the Energy Healing Introduction, Sessions, and FAQ pages), so questions pertaining to future events usually address possibilities rather than absolutes. In other words, Joslyn can tell you how events may unfold based on your current beliefs. However, if you change your beliefs, your future will change accordingly.

Additionally, questions about the past and present bring clarity to your life. Is there a situation or an experience that is confusing or about which you would like a broader perspective?  Ask about it! Benefit from Joslyn’s crystal-clear intuition. She has been intuitive for her entire life; her guidance is extremely fine-tuned.

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