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Intuitive Reading FAQ

Learn more about intuitive readings in the Intuitive Reading FAQ!

How do intuitive readings work? What does Joslyn read?

Joslyn reads the energy of your Soul, your Akashic records (past, present, parallel, and future lives), and any of your Spirit Guides who choose to participate in the reading.

How do I prepare for my intuitive readings?

Make a list of questions you want to ask. You may also want to bring a notebook to take notes during your readings.

What happens during my intuitive readings?

Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable place where you will be uninterrupted and are not doing anything else (including driving). When you ask each of your questions, Joslyn will provide all the information she receives. You are welcome to ask additional questions if needed and if they fit in your scheduled time. If your reading ends before Joslyn gets to all of your questions, you are welcome to schedule an additional reading to continue.

Do I need to send Joslyn photographs or a list of my questions before my readings?

No. Joslyn prefers to have as little previous knowledge about you and your questions as possible before the reading.

Does Joslyn use pendulums, Tarot cards, or other divination tools during my readings?

No. Joslyn reads the energy of your Soul, your Akashic records (past, present, parallel, and future lives), and any of your Spirit Guides who choose to participate in the reading without the assistance of divination tools.

Can Joslyn predict my future?

Your entire life, including your future, is created by you and your (often subconscious) beliefs. If you change your beliefs (such as through energy healing sessions), your future will change accordingly. Joslyn may be able to give an overview of your future energy as it looks based on your current beliefs; however, you are solely responsible for your future and you can change it as described in the previous sentence. Joslyn is not responsible for you or your future, and anything you do with information you receive from her is up to you. 

Can Joslyn tell me what to do or make any guarantees?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are in the only person in charge of you and your life. What you do with the information you receive from Joslyn is up to you. She is not responsible for you or your life.

What is the reschedule, cancellation, and refund policy?

Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. Please provide one business day of notice if you need to reschedule. Because Joslyn receives information about you when you pay for your readings, refunds are not given under any circumstances. 

Is Joslyn really an intuitive?

Yes. There are intuitive charlatans, and Joslyn is the real deal. She absolutely loves providing an intuitive perspective to her clients’ questions and situations. Joslyn has been intuitive her entire life.

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