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How to Love Yourself

Many of us don’t love ourselves unconditionally.

Sometimes we don’t know how to love ourselves or aren’t aware that we should be at the TOP of the list of all the people in our lives whom we love. This is primarily due to childhood experiences, and sometimes also past lives. As children, many of us were taught to listen to our parents and teachers and put the needs and wants of others before ours. While treating others respectfully is important, we have to come first in our lives. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we know there is plenty of love to go around for everyone. If there are aspects of our lives in which we don’t love ourselves (e.g., such as judging ourselves as “bad”, “wrong”, or “not enough” – wanting something that we believe is wrong, believing that we’re not smart/pretty/athletic/whatever-else-enough), we believe that there is a shortage of love for ourselves. When we love ourselves unconditionally, everyone else can do the same. Love has to start with us, not with something or someone outside of us. 

What does unconditional self-love look like?

  • Helping and taking care of ourselves before doing so for others.
  • Making time for and prioritizing what we want – activities, hobbies, vacations, etc.
  • Living the life we want, rather than what others (like parents) think we should live.
  • Taking care of our physical health – eating refined-carbohydrate-free organic foods, drinking plenty of purified water, using organic skin and hair products, protecting ourselves from EMF radiation, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.
  • Meditating daily. 
  • Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions.
  • Getting to know ourselves – what we like, dislike, what hobbies are fun, where we like to travel.

If we’re not used to doing this, it can feel a bit daunting. That’s okay! Ask yourself what emotions you’re experiencing and why. What beliefs come up? Once you do this, you can let them go. Take smaller steps if you need to. Just get started. 

Believing 100% that you deserve something and manifesting it without feelings of guilt or unworthiness, or without sabotaging the situation is all about self-love. If we want something and don’t have it yet despite our efforts to obtain it, we need to let go of beliefs, emotions, and traumas that are keeping us from loving ourselves unconditionally. 

When you love yourself, manifesting what you want is fun and easy.

Let’s work together to increase your self-love. 

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