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How to Get Out of a Rut

Ruts can show up in a few ways in our lives. 

Sometimes we unconsciously fall into habits – they may seem to make life easier, and it’s less to think about.  But eventually we’ll realize that such mindless activity doesn’t serve us. 

Sometimes we already know that we aren’t satisfied with our lives – we might be bored with or dislike our jobs, living spaces, location at which we live, hobbies, social lives, or romantic status.

These are defense mechanisms of the subconscious mind. 

In childhood and/or past lives, we did or said something that we wanted that was different than what our parents, society, or laws said was “right” and were punished in some way. The subconscious remembers, and wants to maintain the status quo to stay safe. To create the changes we want in our lives, we have to release any fear, unworthiness, or traumatic memories stemming from these early punishment experiences that are holding us back. 

Let's free ourselves and move forward!

What emotions, beliefs, and memories come up when you meditate on the changes you want to make? Do you know what’s keeping you stuck? Are you ready to move forward? Let’s work together to get you free and creating what you want in your life.

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