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How to Create Healthy Relationships with Your Parents

This article is for everyone who wants happy, healthy, loving relationships with their parents, step-parents, guardians, and other care-givers (all referred to as “parents” for the rest of this article).

Our parents were our first introduction to the world, and unless they were very aware and awake, we learned many of our most subconscious limiting beliefs from them. Our senses of self, self-love, and self-worth have been influenced by our parents since we were infants. What is your relationship with your parents like now? If you’re not sure, think about family gatherings at holidays. Do you look forward to going? If not, how do you feel about going? Do you go at all? Why or why not?  

How do you want this relationship to change?

When you heal past traumas with your parents, your current relationship with them improves. Healing past traumas means unhooking your mind from them and letting go of associated emotions and limiting beliefs so that the traumas are emotionally neutral and you have no emotional reaction when you focus on them – the same as when you’re doing something trivial, like showering or grocery shopping. Then you can interact with your parents in a healthy and loving way.

Healing parental relationships is important regardless of whether our parents are alive because any trauma we experienced with them will be there until we clear it. If we don’t, we will continue to repeat the energetic equivalent (perhaps not the physical equivalent) of the trauma in other areas of our lives, such as physical health, finances, career choice, living conditions, and family, friend, and romantic relationships. Healing our early relationships with our parents leads to improvements and freedom to create what we want in our present.

Common issues to clear around parental relationships:

  • Feeling abandoned when parents left (for work, grocery shopping, military deployment, even to go in to another room in the house)
  • Emotionally unavailable parents
  • Yelling
  • Punishment
  • Being required to follow very restrictive rules
  • Unsupportive parents
  • Living in an physically unhealthy environment (not clean, unsafe neighborhood, absence of food or water, exposure to alcohol, smoking, drugs)
  • Being told “no” when asking for something
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Parents (especially mother) was not able to bond with infant after birth due to medical issues
  • Physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse.

Please note that we are not criticizing or judging your parents.

You don’t need to justify or excuse their behavior – doing that is an impediment to healing. We aren’t assessing whether their behavior was acceptable, and I already know that in many instances they were doing the best they could. Rather, we are examining your energy field for trauma and letting it go so you’re able to live life on your terms.

Because our parents are our first relationships in the world, issues with them are often very deep – check out the Whose Life Are You Living? article to find out why.

Let’s work together to get you cleared and in a health relationship with your parents, and ultimately yourself.  


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