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Energy Healing Sessions

What do you want in your life? You can have anything. What is it?

Maybe it’s improved finances, a dream career, finding your soul mate, harmonious family relationships, fulfillment, happiness, or health.

You know you can have whatever you want, and you’re absolutely committed and open to creating the life you desire. You’ve tried everything to create it. Read all the books, applied all the techniques, and gone to all the webinars and workshops.

But nothing works. Or it works for a while, but doesn’t bring lasting change.

It’s frustrating and disheartening. Maybe you’ve thought about giving up. But you know, deep inside, that giving up isn’t the answer.

You’re absolutely right….it’s not. You CAN create the life you want.

The key is releasing beliefs and emotions preventing you from manifesting your dreams.

You have to go very deep into your consciousness to do this. Many times these beliefs and emotions are either subconscious, or started when you were very young or in a past life, and you’ve forgotten their roots, or forgotten them entirely. But until you let them go, they will run your life, and not in the way you want. Do you want to be in charge of your life?

Benefit from Joslyn’s unparalleled intuition, directly from source energy.

Because she is not living your life or distracted by the beliefs in your mind, she can intuitively identify the origins of these thoughts and emotions, and help your mind let them go, thus creating space for you to manifest your dream life and meet your goals. You don’t have to know what the beliefs and emotions are, or where they came from (although if you do, that’s great too!). Joslyn will find them and help you release them.  

Energy healing sessions with Joslyn are 100% intuitively guided, so you won’t be distracted or influenced by limiting beliefs and emotions. 

Perfect for you if:

  • You are absolutely committed to creating the life you desire, what you know in your gut to be true for you. This includes commitments of time, money, and having an open mind.
  • You are ready to put yourself first in your life.
  • You want the freedom to live your life – healthy, self-confident, abundance of love and money, fulfilling career and relationships, or whatever you want!
  • You want to heal in a clear and grounded manner.
  • You are ready to accelerate your personal growth, raise your vibration to one that is more life-enhancing, and live your truth.

At the beginning of your session, you and Joslyn will decide what to work on. Then, Joslyn will intuitively identify the beliefs and emotions blocking you from having what you want and help your mind let them go using techniques she has developed. Joslyn can feel the blocks in your mind, and also when your mind lets them go.

Joslyn does not judge anyone or anything, including you, your experiences, beliefs, emotions, and what you want. Everything is simply energy to her, and she is an expert at untangling it so you can live the life you desire.

Complimentary call

You are welcome to contact us to schedule a 15 minute, no-obligation, complimentary discovery call (audio-only Skype for clients outside the US) with Joslyn to ask any questions before booking a session. Please note that the purpose of this call is so you and Joslyn can meet and answer any questions you have about this work; it is not a mini healing session.  


Each session is 60 minutes long. For your convenience, Joslyn maintains an office in Hattiesburg, MS, USA, if you wish to have sessions in person. Telephone (within the USA) and audio-only Skype (international) appointments are also available. Your healing will occur regardless of your location. Let Joslyn know what type of appointment you want when scheduling, and please note that office appointments are for female clients only.

Energy Healing Courses

Joslyn offers several session bundles (details in the links below). If you do not see one that suits your needs, let us know and Joslyn will create a custom program just for you.

  • Single Sessions: An excellent introduction to Joslyn's work, or if you have a very small, simple issue.
  • Four Session Series: Sometimes we need to go deeper into the consciousness to create change. Commit to a month of work (30 days of healing and shifting, even when you and Joslyn aren't on the phone) and see what you manifest!
  • Eight Session SeriesThe Eight Session Series is for you if you are dedicated to your self-growth and want to rewire your consciousness, step in to your truth, and consciously become the powerful master manifester that already exists at your core. Dramatic change can happen with eight weekly sessions and 60 days in the healing energy.  Are you ready to be empowered? 

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