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Energy Healing FAQ

All the details about how energy healing can help you create the life you want are in the Energy Healing FAQ!

What type of energy healing will I receive in my energy healing sessions?

Joslyn created her own method of energy healing based on her intuition, guidance from Green Tara and other Masters, and personal and client experiences. Usually, Joslyn helps your mind release beliefs and emotions by dialoguing with them (by talking with you) and focusing her third eye on them. She uses Reiki and tapping, and/or breathing and visualization exercises if more effort is needed for your mind to let go. She can see when the beliefs and emotions are present (they look like a tangled necklace or chain) and when they release (they untangle and exit your energy field).

What is Reiki?

Also called prana, chi, and qi, Reiki is the life force energy that flows through everything. Joslyn is able to channel Reiki to you, which elevates your vibration to one that is more life-enhancing and helps your mind let go of beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you.

What is tapping?

Tapping is using one or two fingers to *very* lightly tap on or directly in front of specific locations on your body to help move blocked energy. If this comes up in your sessions, Joslyn will tell you where to tap.

What can work on in my energy healing sessions?

Energy healing can be used to make changes in any aspect of your life. This could include, but is not limited to career change, creating a dream job, moving to an ideal location, improved finances, healing the physical body, healing psychological issues, attracting your soul mate, and creating healthy relationships with family members and friends.

How many sessions will I need to resolve an issue/physical dis-ease and manifest what I want?

While some issues may resolve with a session or two, others may require extended work. Joslyn cannot predict or promise a given result after a specific number of sessions, as results depend solely on how quickly your mind is willing to let go of limiting beliefs. Some beliefs release quickly, while others may need more sessions over a longer time period. There is no logical, linear path from one past experience to your present circumstances; rather, the mind (especially the subconscious) is an illogical tangled web of memories and emotions that must be unraveled and released. Remember that even if your current situation happened suddenly, it is based on beliefs and experiences from childhood or past lives. Depending on your age, you have been living these beliefs and experiences for multiple decades. You can benefit by investing time now to create lasting change for the rest of this and future lives. You're worth it!

What will I do, feel, and experience during my energy healing sessions?

Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable place with purified water where you will be uninterrupted for your session, so you can focus on it 100% and get the most benefit. Also, do not drive or do anything else while on the call, as Joslyn can feel if you are distracted, which will make reading your energy harder or impossible, and you may feel mentally discombobulated when the energy shifts. You may experience heat or cold in your body, old memories and emotions surfacing, and/or crying, laughing, coughing, yawning, or sneezing. All of these are signs that energy is moving. If you experience them, let them happen. Do not try to hold them back. You may experience none of these, and that is okay too. The energy is moving either way.  Sip purified water throughout your session as needed, as this helps move the energy. Your session starts when you pay for it and will take a few days or weeks (depending on how deep you and Joslyn go) to integrate and become the basis for your new reality. So although your appointment is for 45 minutes, you experience energy healing for a much longer time period. 

What will I experience after my energy healing sessions?

The immediate integration period is usually 24 to 48 hours following the session, and it may take a few days or weeks (depending on how deep you and Joslyn go) to integrate and become the basis for your new reality. During the first 24 to 48 hours following the session, you may or may not feel a bit mentally discombobulated at times. You may or may not also experience sleeping more or less, tiredness/needing to rest for a bit, heat or cold in your body, old memories and emotions surfacing, and/or crying, laughing, coughing, yawning, or sneezing. All of these are signs that energy is moving and will pass, although it is moving regardless of whether you experience any of this. Let them happen if you do experience them; do not try to repress them. Continue to stay hydrated with purified water during the integration period, as this helps move the energy.  

How soon can I schedule my next energy healing session?

You can schedule immediately! Complete integration of the previous session is not necessary before having another one, and purchasing a package of weekly sessions will keep you in the healing energy (i.e., in a session) for the entire length of your package, even when you are not meeting with Joslyn. Imagine receiving energy healing for four, six, eight, or twelve weeks - how different would your life be after that!

You said that my life experiences are created by my beliefs. I want a good life for myself. What is going on here?

Your life is created by your beliefs, and many of them are subconscious. This means that you may not be aware of them. That is common. Joslyn will intuitively find them for you if you are not aware of them.

What is the reschedule, cancellation, and refund policy?

Your appointment time is reserved specifically for you. Except for emergencies (e.g., severe weather, illness, accident) please provide two business days of notice if you need to reschedule. Because your energy starts to shift when you pay for your sessions, refunds are not given under any circumstances.  

Is Joslyn really an energy healer?

Yes. There are energy healing charlatans, and Joslyn is the real deal. She absolutely loves helping her clients create their dream lives by letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

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